Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chris Hedges -- On Voting

"I will not vote for a Democrat. I was in there, the last election, voting for members of the Revolutionary Socialist Party... I didn't even know who they were. I don't care. I'm quite happy to muck up the system but ... stop thinking that the route to reform is electoral politics." [24:30]

The two parties in the US are completely bought and paid for by multinational corporations and the super-wealthy. They have national elections (and some local elections) completely sealed up. All this hand wringing about Dems v Repugs is nonsense. Of course it's amusing to watch Mitt piss all over himself, but it doesn't really matter. Both candidates are hand picked by big money. And I think at this point they are throwing Mitt under the bus. They are done with him. Obama can get the job done, just as well, or better. He can cut taxes on the rich (he's already done it). He can up the wars (we'll be invading Iran in no time). He can protect the interests of the big banks (almost all his cabinet members have a connection to Wall St.). And, in broad daylight, he is fighting the ruling of a NYC judge that holding people indefinitely w/o charge or trial is unconstitutional. Obama knows the constitution quite well. He knows it's unconstitutional; he just doesn't care. This is the guy they want. And why not? Why replace an effective administrator for their interests with a total screw up who ties his dog to the roof of the family truckster?