Why I Won't Vote for Barack Obama

I voted for Barack Obama in 2008. I sent him money. I drove to another state to campaign for him. I put up a lawn sign.

I'm bitter. But I'm also wiser. I had thought, back then, that the Republicans dragged us into two wars (both based on lies), had destroyed the middle class, and were turning the United States into a totalitarian police state. I thought the Democrats opposed them in all of this and that a young, Harvard-trained, brilliant Constitutional lawyer could begin the hard work of reversing all this damage. I didn't know then that the Democrats weren't opposed to these things at all. In fact, Obama's election has meant only the any opposition to these policies has been silenced and he has, in fact, escalated the abuses. This is why I cannot, in good conscience vote for either of these corrupt parties. I certainly cannot vote for Barack Obama.

For those who need solid evidence of the abuses of this administration, here is a list, which will be ongoing.

Health Care
President Obama passed the health care bill, which failed to deliver universal single-payer coverage. It even failed to deliver a public option. Instead, we are left with a monstrosity of a bill that, while it has eliminated the most draconian abuses of the for-profit insurance industry, it has left us at this terrible industry's mercy in many ways. Instead of offering an affordable public option that would serve as a real alternative, we are now forced to buy an inferior product from a for-profit industry. It was widely reported that Obama cut a back-room deal with industry to deliver us into their hands.

Civil Liberties

Support for Evil Governments and Dictators All Over the World

Like many US politicians, Obama seems to have an unquestioning devotion to Israel. Israel is a foreign nuclear-armed power, guilty of many human rights violations. If they want to start a war with Iran or anyone, that's their business. "All elements of American power" remain an option to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power, including "a military effort to be prepared for any contingency," Obama told the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), a pro-Israel lobby group. One Israeli newspaper columnist said that Obama sounded like a member of Israel's hard-right Likud party. "He sounded almost like the Likud leader," he said. In the country's largest paid daily, Yedioth AhronothSima Kadmon said "We heard in it everything we wanted to hear.” Is this someone who only has the best interests of the United States in mind, or is he catering to AIPAC?

Immunity for Wall Street
In spite of the fact that we have just suffered through the biggest rip-off in history, Obama has failed to prosecute even one financial fraud case. Why? Probably because his cabinet is made up of financial insiders and he's counting on some big campaign contributions from Wall Street. No president has prosecuted more whistleblowers; and no president has shielded torturers and banksters so much.

Shielding Torturers and War Criminals


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